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My San Diego fishing guide service is aimed at providing you a personalized angling experience. Whether you're a local, or here only a few days on business, we can provide you with the opportunity to fish some of the many scenic locations throughout the San Diego Bay / Mission Bay or one of our many freshwater lakes.

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I am a San Diego native who grew up fishing all over San Diego both salt/freshwater. At the age 13, I volunteered on the half day boat "Daily Double" to learn the ropes. By 16 years old, I began work on the "Edna Luella", a commercial net boat for swordfish and sharks.

At age of 18, I would fish both San Diego's bays 200-250 days a year. I fell in love with the diversity of fish species, setting and over all feel of San Diego. I knew I would never leave, and someday start a business in the fishing industry.

In 2004 I began work on a six pack sportfishing vessel the "Penetrator". We would hunt the Pacific for pelagic species such as Tuna, Dorado, Yellowtail, Marlin and much more. I learned excellent client service/satisfaction from 5 years on the "Penetrator".

Joined the Topwater Clothing Team May, 2011

CA DFG Licensed / Bonded / Insured

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